The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule Of Managed Care By the raise of hands how many have ever been in a car accident?  No hands? Oh…yeah, I won’t be able to see hands raised in a blog post.  Well, let’s just assume that most of you have. What maybe around 80%?  The rest that have not, likely know […]

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A Day In The Life

of a physical therapy clinical reviewer Part 1 Sing-A-Long To the tune of “A Day In The Life” by John Lennon/Paul McCartney.  Lyrics by me 🙂 I was in the news today, oh boyJust a lucky man who made the gradeAnd though the news was rather gladWell, I just had to laughI saw the photograph I blew […]

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The BIG Question In Pre-Authorization

Where’s the Beef [aka PT visits]? A new year has just started, and this is the starting of a new and exciting PT/rehab related blog (that I know you are just going to love! Who doesn’t love talking about health care problems and insurance issues?). Being my first real blog post, I wanted to start […]

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