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I will keep this post short.

In the near future there will exist a blog that combines some of the most devious and dastardly topics in the physical therapy realm know to man with high-brow hilarity and witty wisdom. The profession of PT stands at a cross-roads. Do we continue down our current path? Towards never ending battles with health insurance companies and each other? Welding the weak weapons of passive treatment and flinging feeble fighting cries such as “well the doctor’s script said you need treatment, so you do”. Or is there a different path maybe? One where a patient gets care they really need (as in the true definition of the word) and the provider can support that need so well payers agree?

What kind of blog would that be you ask? One written by unicorns using computers hooked into rainbows? From a land where kinesio tape and foam rollers really are effective? Well, sort of…but not quite.

This blog will be like your favorite sidekick feeding you some of the best insight into the deep corners of PT you could ever imagine. Insight that helps you change your practice and your profession. A Robin to your Batman, a Honycutt to your Pierce, a Gus to your Shawn! (You know that’s right).

That blog will exist right here! So stay tuned and check back often. There is some really great stuff on the horizon:

  • Physical Therapy Pre-Authorization Hacks and Tips
  • Health Plans and Skilled Care
  • Proof of Need (beyond just saying “needs care”)
  • Reconsideration Realities
  • Things Your Front Office Really Should Not Do
  • Do Patients Really Get a Certain Number of Visits?
  • Not A PTs Speak the Same Language…You Must Translate!
  • Too Many Fingers in the Pot!?
  • Astute Physical Therapy Appeals
  • Shirley There is a Better way to Pilot Peer to Peers? (Yes there is and don’t call my Shirley)
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