Medical Necessity In Rehab

Two Important Words Before I go too deep into the world of rehabilitation utilization and clinical review I think it important to establish an understanding of one very key phrase: Medical Necessity.  Just about all decisions involving the health care of an individual revolve around those two words. You would think, that with basically two […]

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The BIG Question In Pre-Authorization

Where’s the Beef [aka PT visits]? A new year has just started, and this is the starting of a new and exciting PT/rehab related blog (that I know you are just going to love! Who doesn’t love talking about health care problems and insurance issues?). Being my first real blog post, I wanted to start […]

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I will keep this post short. In the near future there will exist a blog that combines some of the most devious and dastardly topics in the physical therapy realm know to man with high-brow hilarity and witty wisdom. The profession of PT stands at a cross-roads. Do we continue down our current path? Towards […]

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